Lower your energy bills with free measures from ECO 4 scheme

For lower energy bills in Perth now Autumn is here, and the chilly weather has already started to set in. Winter is just around the corner, and we all know that means higher energy bills. When it comes to keeping our homes warm, we tend to rely heavily on our heating systems. However, with the help of the ECO 4 scheme, you can lower your energy bills by using free measures that are available to landlords, homeowners and tenants in Scotland.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy bills, especially at this time of the year, when you can utilise the sun’s rays for free. One of the best things about solar panels is that they help to reduce your carbon footprint, as they produce renewable energy. Many homeowners, tenants and landlords in Scotland are eligible for free solar panels, as well as free new heating systems and air source heat pumps as well as insulation of all kinds, thanks to grant funding available from ECO 4 scheme.

To check if you qualify for lower energy bills in Perth with this government scheme, visit the Eco Warmth Scotland eligibility quiz https://ecowarmthscotland.co.uk/contact-eco-warmth-scotland/Eligibility criteria for Eco 4 Scheme includes the age of the heating system, the type of fuel used to heat the home and the eligibility of the property location, to name a few. If you are eligible for free measures, this could significantly reduce your energy bills, making your home cosier and comfortable all year round.


When it comes to making your home warmer, insulation is key. The good news is that ECO 4 scheme https://www.ofgem.gov.uk helps with all types of insulation, be it loft insulation, cavity wall insulation or internal wall insulation. This means you could potentially save up to £400 per year on your energy bills, while keeping your home warm and comfortable.

If you’re based in Dundee, Perth, Fife, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Crieff, Cupar, Stirling, Alloa, Pitlochry, Bankfoot, Stanley, Luncarty, Blairgowrie, Angus, Bankfoot or Aberdeen, you may qualify for free measures from the ECO 4 scheme. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to lower your energy bills and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

No one likes to spend a lot of money on energy bills, and with ECO 4 scheme, you don’t have to. By utilising free measures, such as solar panels, insulation, and new heating systems, you can keep your home warm and comfortable, while reducing your carbon footprint and saving money. So, if you’re struggling with high energy bills and want to make your home more energy-efficient, take the Eco Warmth Scotland eligibility quiz today and see if you qualify for free measures!

You could qualify for free insulation, free heat pumps or free solar panels

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