In Scotland, the primary source of fuel for heating is mains gas which services about 86% of properties.

However many thousands of homes and businesses in rural Scotland are "off-gas" meaning they use oil, LPG, electricity and other options such as biofuel heaters or air source heat pumps.

An energy-efficient heating system won't only save you money, it can go hand in hand with other energy efficiency measures, like good wall and loft insulation, making a huge difference to fuel bills.

Fortunately, free grants for LPG Oil and Electric heated off gas properties in Scotland are now available for 'off-gas' properties.  They provide free wall, cavity, room in roof and loft insulation, free air source heat pumps, free storage heating and free solar panels.

lpg and oil heated properties in Scotland

We can arrange free insulation, free solar panels and free heat pumps for properties in

Government ECO 4 Grant Funding towards Electric Storage Heating, Insulation, Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Panels for off-gas properties in Scotland

Homes in Scotland could benefit from free air source heating and free solar panels