ECO 4 Solar Panel & Heating Grants In Scotland

Claim free solar panels and free insulation. Grant funding is also available for free electric heating and free air source heat pumps.

Free Solar Panels Scotland

Free solar panel grants across Scotland are now available through the government-backed ECO4 scheme. Many homeowners, tenants and landlords on benefits or low income are eligible from 2024 for 100% grant funding to cover the cost of solar panels and much more.

Eco 4 Grant Scheme Scotland

ECO4 Scheme Grants and Funding across Scotland are now available until 2026.  With the newest version of the government-backed energy efficiency scheme you could be eligible for a full house energy makeover! Contact Eco warmth Scotland today to find out more! Its a simple 3 step process after you've completed our quick quiz. We survey, install then do a post-install survey to check you're completely happy with the finished result.

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Guarantees for up to 30 Years

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Dedicated Customer Service Team

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Guarantees for up to 30 Years

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All Installations TrustMark Approved

Most Scottish homes could qualify for free home insulation, free heat pumps, free electric heating and free solar panels under the Government ECO Scheme.

Free Heat Pumps Scotland

Free Heat Pumps Scotland

Free Air Source Heat pumps are now available across Scotland. Government funding for free heat pumps are now available for properties in rural and outlying areas of Scotland through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Heat pumps are a modern kind of energy-efficient heating system. These very clever pumps extract heat from the outside air to heat your home and hot water.  

Free Solar PV Scotland

Free Solar Panels Scotland

Free solar panels across Scotland are available with a grant from the Scottish government backed ECO 4 scheme. If you are a landlord, tenant or homeowner then you could qualify for free solar panels if you are on benefits or on a low income. Contact Eco warmth Scotland today and complete our quick quiz.

IWI Scotland

Internal Wall Insulation Scotland

Free internal wall insulation funding for properties with solid walls is available across Scotland with the ECO 4 scheme. We take a 'fabric first' approach to improving the EPC rating of properties. Meaning we insulate your solid walls with internal wall insulation first before fitting any other measures. So much heat is lost through exterior walls. You could be eligible for free insulation if you claim benefits or have a low income.  

  • Check Eligibility

    *If you live in Scotland check your eligibility for ECO 4 grant funding here. Then decide on free insulation, free storage heating, free air source heat pumps and free solar panels.

  • Book Your Survey

    When convenient for you, a member of our TrustMark approved team will visit your home. You will be guided through the process and all the necessary paperwork will be completed for you.

  • Installation

    We are extremely proud of our wall, loft, room in roof and cavity insulation, storage heating, air source heat pump and solar panel approved installers. 

  • Enjoy the Benefits!

    An ECO 4 quality assurance inspection will be completed post- installation of your free storage heating, free wall, loft, room in roof and cavity insulation, free air source heat pump and free solar panels.  Then enjoy the benefits of a cosy home in Scotland all year long!

ECO4 Grant Funding Scheme in Scotland for 2024 and beyond

With the ECO4 grant funding scheme Scotland you could be eligible for free insulation and solar panels, not to mention air source heat pumps and electric heating. The scheme is designed to upgrade the Scottish housing stock and aid Scottish households who are living in fuel poverty. The criteria for claiming these grants involve having a low EPC rating on your non gas heated property. So an E, F or G rating. You should also be claiming a benefit such as Universal Credit but other benefits do qualify see the list below - check out our quick quiz to see if you are eligible today!

So what measures could I have installed under the ECO4 grant scheme?

The list below will tell you what measures you could be entitled to: -

Which benefits mean that I qualify?

If you live in an energy inefficient property which has a very low EPC rating of E, F or G and your property is not supplied by gas then all you need to do is check the list below to see if your benefit is displayed. If you meet all this criteria then you are eligible for free energy saving upgrades to your home with the ECO 4 scheme.

  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Pension Savings Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • income-based Job Seeker's Allowance
  • Income Support

FREE Solar Panels under ECO 4 scheme

Free grants for solar panels are now available - claim yours today if you live in Scotland. Solar panels convert the suns rays into electricity which you can use to power your home. You can even sell any excess back to the grid. There's even a solution for cloudy days so don't worry about that. Contact ECO warmth Scotland today to see if you qualify - there's a quick quiz to start off the process!

FREE Air Source Heat Pumps under ECO 4 scheme

Air Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the outside air to heat your home and hot water. If you live in a rural/ countryside property then you could be eligible to have one of these amazing pieces of engineering installed. 

You must claim a means-tested benefit (see list above) and live in a property which has a low EPC rating of E, F or G to qualify for an air source heat pump.

Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO4)

This government backed scheme is aimed at upgrading the housing stock across Scotland. Housing stock which is energy inefficient would be classed as properties which have a low EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of E, F or G. Normally these homes are provided with free insulation in conjunction with having an air source heat pump fitted under the ECO 4 scheme.

FREE Insulation under ECO 4 scheme

Insulation funding together with an air source heat pump

In order for your new air source heat pump to work as efficiently as possible then we must adopt a 'fabric first' approach to the energy upgrades done to your property. This means adequately insulating your home as well as installing an air source heat pump. Both measures are FREE. If you meet certain criteria including claiming a benefit and having an energy inefficient property.

FREE government funding is available to homes across Scotland

Energy Company Obligation (ECO). This scheme aims to lift households out of fuel poverty by improving the EPC rating of their property. It will also benefit the environment by reducing the amount of carbon emissions being released which is in line with the NET ZERO target adopted by the government. Insulating certain parts of your home (especially your roof and walls) can significantly reduce your energy bills and its all for FREE if you meet a couple of qualifying benefits. Head over to our website today to see if you meet the criteria! Its quick and simple and will only take a minute!

FREE Solid Wall Insulation under ECO 4 scheme

What is Sold Wall Insulation?

Solid Wall Insulation is installed in properties built with brick or solid stone.

Internal solid wall insulation is installed onto the interior of an exterior wall. It leaves a smooth, pleasant finish and will dramatically reduce the heat lost from your walls thereby reducing your energy bills. You could have this measure fitted for FREE under the ECO 4 scheme if you live in Scotland. Contact us at Eco warmth Scotland today.

FREE Cavity Wall Insulation under ECO 4 scheme

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall Insulation is insulation material installed in the space between the inner and outer wall of a building. Cavity wall insulation with Eco warmth Scotland under the ECO 4 scheme traps the warm air in and prevents air from circulating in the cavity. You will keep your much needed heat inside your house and benefit from the lower energy bills all year round whilst also benefiting the environment by cutting harmful carbon emissions. It can also be beneficial in reducing condensation which is the scourge of many Scottish homes and even prevent your home from getting too hot in the summer months.

Contact us today to see if your house would be perfect for cavity wall insulation. A useful website to access more information about all types of insulation is:

Energy Savings Trust

Simple 3 step process with Eco warmth Scotland to get you on the road to FREE insulation and much much more

  1. Survey
  2. Install
  3. Post-install Survey

We do all the paperwork! All you have to do is check out our website and fill in our quick quiz. One of our team will call you back ASAP!

FREE Loft Insulation under ECO 4 scheme

Even if your property already has loft insulation chances are its not the correct depth! Loft Insulation must have a minimum depth to be effective at stopping heat loss. The average Scottish home loses about a quarter of its heat through the roof. The good news is you could qualify to have loft insulation fitted for FREE under the ECO 4 scheme if you meet certain criteria.

What is loft insulation?

Loft insulation is a barrier of material in your roof space. This material barrier laid between joists or rafters traps heat in and prevents heat loss. By installing the correct depth of loft insulation, you will save money on your energy bills whilst reducing carbon emissions at the same time. Your home will be kept warm during the cooler periods of the year and cool during the summer months. Win-win! Loft insulation can last a long time once installed so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the many benefits for years to come.

Even if you already have loft insulation, it's best to contact us as you may have the incorrect depth and be eligible for new insulation.

FREE energy saving measures for Scottish landlords under ECO 4 scheme

If you are a landlord with a tenant on benefits then you could be eligible for an upgrade to your property! There is no upper limit to how many properties you can put forward for measures.

Peace of mind under the ECO 4 scheme.

All installers are government -backed and approved meaning you can rest easy. Sit back and let us do all the hard work. You will be amazed at the results.

How is the ECO 4 scheme funded?

The 'BIG 6' utility companies all help to fund the ECO 4 scheme. These include: British Gas, EDF Energy, Scottish Power, npower, E.ON, SSE.

They are under 'obligation' to tackle fuel poverty across the UK and promote the journey to lowering carbon emissions.

Benefitting from a grant under ECO4 scheme in Scotland

We can measure the energy efficiency of your property by producing an EPC unique to your home. This will show your current rating which ranges from A (very efficient) to  G (very inefficient). Once the measure or measures have been installed then we can do a post-install EPC to show that your rating has improved.  Simply put,  the higher your EPC banding the lower your energy bills will be as your home is not needlessly wasting energy. All you have to do is fill in our straightforward quiz to start off the process.

We work throughout Scotland

Our head office is in Perth however we have many satisfied customers throughout Scotland. Our free surveys will cause minimal disruption to your daily life and our surveyors will be happy to answer any questions you have.  We cover Perth, Kinross, Glenfarg, Milnathort, Blairgowrie, Stanley, Luncarty, Murthly, Crieff, Comrie, Fife, Underline, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Newburgh, Abernethy, Cupar, Strathmiglo, Dundee, Angus, Kirriemuir, St Andrews, Tayport, Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Stirling, Bathgate, Livingston, Falkirk, Alloa and many more places. Get in touch today!

solar panels on roof

Selecting Eco Warmth Scotland for your solar panel installation is a decision that aligns with both environmental consciousness and cutting-edge technology. As a leading provider in the renewable energy sector, Eco Warmth Scotland stands out for its dedication to sustainable solutions. Our team of skilled professionals ensures a seamless installation process, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your solar panels. Beyond the immediate benefits of reduced energy bills, choosing us means contributing to a greener future. Eco Warmth Scotland prioritises eco-friendly practices, utilising state-of-the-art solar technology to harness clean energy from the sun. Our customer-centric approach, coupled with a track record of successful installations, makes us a reliable partner in your journey towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient home. Join us in the pursuit of a cleaner, greener tomorrow with Eco Warmth Scotland as your trusted solar panel installation provider.

Air Source Heat Pump

Installing an air source heat pump offers a multitude of advantages, making it a prudent and environmentally-friendly choice for home heating. One primary benefit lies in its energy efficiency, as these systems extract heat from the outdoor air to warm indoor spaces, presenting a sustainable and renewable heating source. This can substantially reduce energy bills and diminish a household's carbon footprint. Air source heat pumps are versatile, functioning effectively in both heating and cooling modes, ensuring year-round comfort. Additionally, they entail less maintenance compared to traditional heating systems, contributing to long-term cost savings. The adaptability and compatibility of this technology with existing heating systems make it a feasible option for various homes. Ultimately, installing an air source heat pump not only enhances comfort but also champions environmental sustainability and energy conservation.

insulate your home in Scotland
Selecting Eco Warmth Scotland to install your home insulation is a strategic choice that not only promotes environmental responsibility but also keeps your home up to standard with the latest recommend insulation levels. Our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices guarantees that your home becomes more energy-efficient, translating into substantial savings off your energy bill over time. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing tailored insulation solutions while utilising current government grants to help home owners save money. By opting for our services, you make a smart choice that pays off through long-term financial benefits. 

You could qualify for funding for free insulation, air source heat pumps, and free solar panels

Stay warm and improve your property for FREE.

Eco warmth Scotland for free solar panels and free insulation. We also install free air source heat pumps and free electric storage heating.

Based centrally in Perth, our services cover the whole of Scotland. We help our customers access free, government-funded storage heating and insulation, and windows and doors in Scotland.

We help hundreds of customers every month achieve a warmer, more energy-efficient home. We cover Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Fife, Angus, Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk, Alloa, Glenrothes, Dunfermline, Arbroath, Livingston, Bathgate, St Andrews, Cupar, Newburgh, Abernethy, Strathmiglo and many more locations. Complete our quick quiz today to see if you qualify!

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