ECO 4 funding for free Air Source Heat Pump in Scotland

What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump is an alternative solution to using an oil or gas boiler or electric storage heating. Heat pumps are extremely efficient providing the property is insulated correctly. The air source heat pump is able to extract "heat" even when outside temperatures drop as low as -25 degrees!

Air source heat pumps work well alongside solar panels. Both air source heat pumps and  solar panels are free measures with the ECO 4 grant funding scheme in Scotland.

We can arrange free heat pumps for properties in

What are the benefits of an air source heat pump and why is ECO 4 funding available to install air source heat pumps across Scotland?

Air source heat pumps will reduce the energy bills in your rural home in Scotland. They are an effective alternative to using fossil fuels and will reduce Scotland's carbon emissions. 

ECO 4 Grant Funding towards free air source heat pump installation in homes across Scotland

Chek for ECO 4 free funding for air source heat pumps for homes in Scotland