Can I get a better EPC for my property in Scotland?

What is an EPC?

An EPC or Energy Performance Certificate gives a home an energy efficiency rating. The range is from A to G. A is the most efficient and G is the least efficient. Recommendations for improving the energy efficiency the property are included so things insulation or solar panels. You can improve your EPC for free today.

Why do we have EPCs?

In Scotland we have EPCs in order to be compliant with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This directs that all properties to be sold or rented must have an EPC. The goal of the directive is to improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock and reduce overall carbon emissions.

What do EPC ratings actually mean?

A high EPC rating simply means your home is quite energy efficient and you will spend less money on energy bills. An EPC rating of A would mean well insulated, an efficient heating system and renewable energy source. On the other hand, a G rated property will likely be poorly with an inefficient heating system and a non-renewable energy source.

You can improve your EPC for free!

Improving your EPC rating and saving money on heating bills is always possible. Recommendations like solar panels, insulation, new heating system or even an air source heat pump. For homeowners in need, there are government grants available to improve your EPC. Its also worth remembering that a good EPC rating can increase the value of your home.

Are the rules on EPC ratings for renting out a property in Scotland staying the same?

As of April 2022, all rental properties in Scotland must have an E as their minimum EPC rating. A fine could be given for landlords who fail to meet this target.

What is the government ECO 4 scheme?Can I improve my EPC for free?

ECO 4 Government Scheme

This scheme was introduced to help those on lower income and benefits in Scotland to make improvements to their home like solar panels, insulation, air source heat pumps and new electric heating. Head over to the Eco Warmth Scotland website and fill in the eligibility quiz to see if you qualify. 

So can you summarise an EPC for me?

An EPC is an important part of owning or renting a property nowadays. It gives the owner, tenant or landlord a clear picture of how energy efficient (or not!) a property is. A good EPC will mean your property is not emitting harmful amounts of carbon and you’re not paying a lot for your energy bills. With the ECO 4 scheme people on a low income and those on benefits can apply to improve their EPC for free. Enjoy lower energy bills for life.and how to improve your rating, homeowners can take steps toward a more energy-efficient home. 

You could qualify for free insulation, free heat pumps or free solar panels

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