Can I get free solar panels in Scotland?

For free solar panels in Perth help is at hand from the ECO 4 grant funding scheme and offered to homeowners and some private rented sector tenants who are struggling to heat their homes. If you are entitled to some form of benefit and your property requires an energy efficient wall, floor and loft insulation these can be installed absolutely free if you have electric heating. Those who do qualify must have lived in the property for 12 months.

What is the ECO 4 scheme?

Government grants for free solar panels in Perth and throughout the UK are available for a range of installs such as free loft, under floor and wall insulation but this article centres on grant funding in Scotland. Grants are accessible via eco warmth Scotland through the Energy Company Obligation scheme knows as ECO. This is a carbon saving programme introduced to help low income Scottish homes become more energy-efficient and allow the occupants to save on their fuel bills whilst saving the environment. 

ECO 4 grant funding scheme helps improve your home and make it more comfortable and affordable to heat through installing energy efficient measures such as free insulation and other low and carbon saving measures. ECO 4 doesn’t cover boilers but eco warmth Scotland aim to offer our customers energy efficient low cost boilers. This reduces carbon emissions and means we will become less reliant on fossil fuels and helps achieve a low carbon efficient home for the future. 

Who funds the ECO scheme?

The big 6 energy companies like British Gas, OVO, EDF, Scottish Power and NPOWER portion money from their customers bills to subsidise pay or pay in full the cost to install energy saving measures. The Government has made this law and this helps form the funding scheme- Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

How do insulation grants work?

The Scottish Government have signed up to a European initiative to lower carbon output to reduce the amount of carbon produced. To achieve these targets by taking a fabric first approach by introducing insulation to reduce the amount of energy wasted in your home. Making homes in Scotland more energy-efficient by insulating walls and lofts to a high standard means you save money on heating bills.

What grant funding is available from the ECO funding scheme? 

A variety of energy efficient measures, including low and zero emissions heating systems. Once it has been established that you qualify for the free grant funding eco scheme, we then do a free survey to your property and let you know what energy efficient installations you’re entitled to claim. eco warmth install energy saving measures such as:

Electric heating

Free storage heaters are still covered by ECO 4 funding so please get in touch to receive your free insulation and storage heater to keep you cosy.

Cheap Boilers from £1500

eco warmth can replace broken gas boilers but not under grant funding. Grant funding covers free insulation measure to essentially improve the fabric of your property to achieve a better energy performance rating. You will most likely qualify for an insulation but will need to pay for a boiler install or repair and can have both insulation and boiler installed as a dual measure

Electric Storage Heating

eco warmth Scotland replace broken electric and panel heaters.

People who qualify for storage heating grants will get new storage heating fully funded or heavily subsidised through the eco scheme depending on the electrical work required. Most energy efficient installs are covered by the funding and will cover the cost of replacing the existing electric panel heaters.

Dimplex electric storage heaters have dual functions such as a heater and convector fan. Economy 7 electricity tariff provides electricity at night which is the cheapest time on the energy grid and outputs heating when desired day or night. The convector heating function means you need an additional electrical supply to function so normally this requires extra wiring.  

You could qualify for free insulation, free heat pumps or free solar panels

Stay warm and improve your property for FREE. eco warmth offers a range of government grant funded energy saving installations to upgrade rented and privately owned properties.


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