Top Tips from ECO WARMTH SCOTLAND to Get You Free Insulation

Cold weather in Scotland means that Scottish homes rely on our central heating and hot water systems more than other parts of the UK. It’s particularly important to insulate your walls to keep in that lovely heat. We spend more time indoors and as a result spend more money on keeping our homes warm. As more people are working from home, the reliance on a reliable central heating system to make home working comfortable becomes more important. Here are eco warmth’s top tips to make sure your home’s ready to retain heat and keep you cosy. 

Free insulation in Perthshire including solar panels, air source heat pumps and electric heating

For free insulation in Perthshire Eco warmth (Scotland) offer grants from energy providers, from new boilers to loft , new storage heating to cavity wall insulation. It’s all part of their efficiency obligations to people in certain groups. For those receiving certain benefits, such as universal credit, tax credits, pension credit or income-based benefits. The full Free boiler and insulation guide has more, see below some of the grant funding energy efficient measures eco warmth have to offer to all our eligible customers,

  • Boiler replacement or repair. It’s important your central heating system is working efficiently and reliably. Heating accounts for around 60% of what you spend in a year on energy bills. Depending on your boiler’s age, a shiny new efficient one could save you up to £315/year.
  • Cavity wall insulation. Most homes built between 1920and 1990 have a gap between internal and external walls. Filling the cavity with insulating mineral wool and foam means cold air’s kept out, and warm air stays in, which can save an average three-bedroom home up to £280/yr. It’s not for everyone, so make sure it’s appropriate for your home first.
  • Loft insulation. Up to 25% of your home’s heat escapes via the roof, but you can solve this by having a minimum of 300mm of mineral wool between ceiling ties saving up to £250/yr.

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You could qualify for free insulation, free heat pumps or free solar panels

Stay warm and improve your property for FREE. eco warmth offers a range of government grant funded energy saving installations to upgrade rented and privately owned properties.


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