What are the different types of home insulation, and how to choose whats best for your home?

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There are four different types of home insulation in Scotland in common use. These are: 

  • Cavity wall insulation: Cavity wall insulation involves injecting insulating foam, mineral wool, or polystyrene beads into the space between the inner and outer walls of your home. Most houses built since the 1990s feature this type of insulation but you may need to add it retroactively to older homes. 
  • Room in roof insulation: Room in roof insulation requires the installation of insulation boarding between the rafters and existing plasterboard walls. It works by trapping heat in the home, a bit like a blanket.
  • Floor insulation: Floor insulation involves adding insulating material under the floorboards, reducing the propensity of heat to escape through the floor.
  • Loft insulation: Loft insulation relies on barrier materials, like foam or fibreglass, to prevent heat from escaping through the roof. It either sits between the joists or the rafters.

Grants for free insulation in Perth and other areas are available to all qualifying Scottish residents as part of the government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions.https://www.ofgem.gov.uk

To get free home insulation in Scotland, you need to make an appointment with an Energy Grants Surveyor. This licensed professional will arrange a home insulation survey. During the evaluation, the surveyor will check if your insulation reaches the recommended depth. If you have less than the cut-off point, you are eligible for a grant. You can then fill out an application for installation and get new insulation for free. https://ecowarmthscotland.co.uk/contact-eco-warmth-scotland/

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