FREE Cavity Wall Insulation Scotland


Free cavity wall insulation with grants under ECO 4 scheme across Scotland

Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation

Under the ECO 4 scheme you could claim free insulation grants and advice in Scotland. Keep the heat in and the cold out! A free heat pump will be installed alongside this insulation to improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce its carbon emissions.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) has one main aim - to improve the housing stock across the UK by reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency. Scottish households on low income or on benefits can make use of the scheme.  Free cavity wall insulation will go a long way towards reducing your energy bills.

Tenants, landlords and homeowners can benefit from this scheme. Get in touch with Eco warmth Scotland today to see if you qualify for free insulation grants and advice in Scotland !


Save over 30% on your energy bills with ECO 4 funding

check if you're eligible

Go to Eco warmth Scotland's quick and easy quiz today to see if you qualify. Your home should have a low EPC rating of E, F or G and a member of the household on benefits or an overall low household income.

So what exactly is is cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is inserted in the gaps between bricks in your walls. It reduces the flow of heat escaping to the outside. around 33% of heat can be lost through the outside walls.  Imagine how much money you could save on your energy bills by making use of this free government scheme!

Is cavity wall insulation suitable for your home?

Most homes built after 1920 have a cavity space between the bricks in the outer walls of the property. But don't worry if you're not sure what construction type your home is, our surveyor can perform a small test when they visit and we'll take it from there!

Why insulating your home is a good idea!

Almost 60% of the heat generated within our home is lost through walls, loft and roof space combined. That's a huge amount Im sure we can all agree! Insulation works like putting a huge duvet over your property keeping heat in and stopping unnecessary heat loss. So you can enjoy a more comfortable year round temperature in your house whilst saving money on your energy bills. If you are a tenant (or landlord with a tenant) or householder on low income or benefits then you could qualify for FREE CAVITY WALL INSULATION with Eco warmth Scotland. Cavity wall insulation not only reduces heat loss it can also reduce unwanted condensation in the interior of your home. 

The 3 most common types of cavity wall insulation are blown mineral fibre, polystyrene beads or granules and urea formaldehyde foam. They stop damp transferring from the outside to the inside walls and will keep the heat inside your home stopping unnecessary heat loss. You will save money on your energy bills all year round whilst reducing carbon emissions. As a bonus it can also help keep your home cool during the summer months.

Who can benefit from a cavity wall insulation grant?

Quite simple people who are deemed to live in fuel poverty. Tenants and householders on benefits or low incomes. Landlords who have a tenant on a low income or benefits. Even some health complaints may qualify.

ECO 4 eligible benefits

An occupant of a suitable property who claims one of the following benefits or tax credits a 100% grant for wall insulation. All income thresholds for the following have been removed.

  1. Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  2. Income based Job Seekers Allowance
  3. Income Support
  4. Employment and Support Allowance (income-based)
  5. Universal Credit
  6. Tax Credits (Child & Working Tax Credit)
  7. Child Benefit claimants
  8. Warm Home Discount Rebate
  9. Housing Benefit
  10. Pension Credit Saving Credit

How do I get Free Cavity Wall Insulation?

Step 1 - simply fill out our quick and easy quiz online - head over to our website for that!

Step 2 - if you qualify then we can arrange one of our surveyors to visit your home and survey its suitability for energy saving measures.

Step 3 - we identify a date for installation of the insulation.

Step 4 - we conduct a post-survey install to check you are 100% satisfied and enjoying all the lovely benefits of your FREE insulation.

Most commonly asked questions about cavity wall insulation.......

Is my home suitable for cavity wall insulation?

Assuming your house was built between 1920 and 1990 then the answer is most probably yes! So solid wall insulation grants are available through the ECO 4 scheme 

How do in know if my walls are of a cavity construction type?

If you suspect your walls have a cavity then our friendly surveyor will conduct a thorough survey and you will know for sure.  Just contact us and we will do the rest. So for free insulation grants and advice in Scotland contact Eco warmth Scotland!

How long will the work take to insulate the cavity walls of my home?

As a very rough guide (because all homes are different!) 2-3 hours is all it should take.

Holes are drilled in the mortar between your bricks then the insulation is blown into the walls until they are full. Once this has been done, a full check of your property inside and out will be conducted and the holes re-filled. Any mess will be cleaned up. The work comes with a 25 year CIGA guarantee, which you will receive shortly after completion.

 Eco warmth Scotland covers many areas across Scotland like the ones listed below but not exclusively so please get in touch today for free insulation grants and advice in Scotland.


Apply for a free air source heat pump and wall insulation in Scotland

FREE Insulation Grants available to make heating your home easier.

We install wall, loft, cavity and room in roof insulation to homes across Scotland helping you lower your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. This is free funding from the government's ECO 4 scheme to assist low income households and people on benefits in Scotland.

Complete our easy quiz today to see if you qualify for free insulation grants under the ECO 4 scheme in Scotland.

  • Most homes can claim funding
  • Make your home warmer
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Loft Insulation
  • Room in Roof Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Check if you qualify online!

How does your home lose heat?

Up to
of heat can be lost through an uninsulated roof
Up to
of heat can be lost through uninsulated solid walls

Discover how we can insulate your roof and walls to reduce your energy bills.

Free insulation grants under ECO 4 scheme in Scotland

Stay warm, lower your energy bills and improve your property for FREE.

Eco warmth offers a range of government grant funded energy saving installations to homes across Scotland.

What kind of insulation is available?

room in roof insulation

Room in Roof

Insulate your interior walls

Internal Wall Insulation

Loft insulation

Loft Insulation

Why are there FREE government grants for energy measures?

The government backed and funded ECO 4 scheme has the double aim to improve the energy efficiency of the housing stock across the UK whilst reducing harmful carbon emissions. Lots of Scottish households which have a property with a low EPC rating of E, F or G together with a householder or tenant on benefits or low income are eligible for a FREE grant to cover the cost of insulation, electric heating, solar panels or air source heat pumps.
This ties in with the NET ZERO pledge and a move away from dependence on fossil fuels like oil and gas.