Is Free Insulation actually a thing for Homes in Scotland?

Benefit from new insulation

Would you like a free insulation grant if you live in Scotland? Insulation is a fantastic way to save you money on your heating whilst ensure all year round general comfort. The benefits of having new insulation fitted are that it make it much easier for you to regulate the temperature in summer and winter

Free insulation grant installers in Scotland 

If you have a damp cold home or live in an older property that’s draughty then wall insulation is for you. You will have nice smooth walls that will give your home the appearance of a new build home. With the added insulation you will achieve better U-values. This is the thermal efficiency of the entire wall and allows for amazing heat retention.

The main insulation we offer for wall installs is PIR insulated back plasterboard that is dot dabbed to the internal wall surface. We also offer timber framing options but the isn’t as quick and can become slightly more costly. 

Add insulation to your loft

The quickest way to retain heat from your property is to add insulation to a minimum thickness of 300mm. We ensure all roof ventilation remains free from blockage and check your roof space for an rodents as they can chew the insulation and make it less effective. 

Check out our eco warmth Scotland quiz and this will point you in the right direction of what energy efficient measure you can have installed. This is usually absolutely free of charge when you receive a listed benefit. 

The question is, 

Why not use ECO free funding for your home?

Especially if you live in Perth, Dundee, Fife and Edinburgh Scotland we can help you 

You could qualify for free insulation, free heat pumps or free solar panels

Stay warm and improve your property for FREE. eco warmth offers a range of government grant funded energy saving installations to upgrade rented and privately owned properties.


Get an instant estimate of how much grant funded energy saving measures could save you

Answer a few simple questions, and we'll give you an instant estimate of the saving you could expect to see from insulating your home.  We can even check what grant funding is available towards free cavity wall insulation, free loft insulation, free room-in-roof insulation or free floor insulation.