How To Claim A Free Heat Pump For Homes In Scotland

With energy costs increasing, and the average cost of energy rising by 97% compared to October 2021, it is little wonder energy bills are a concern for many people. But practical ways to reduce your energy costs are now available, including funding towards a free heat pump for Scottish homeowners.

It is now possible to claim free heat pumps Scotland, backed by the government’s EC04 scheme. These grant funded heat pumps enable households to make significant savings on their energy bills while helping reduce their property’s carbon emissions. 

How much you save on your energy bills will depend on your current heat source and how well-insulated your property is. However, according to the Energy Savings Trust, homes with electric storage heaters or an LPG boiler can expect to save approximately £2,000 yearly when switching to a heat pump.

Who is Eligible for funding towards a Heat Pump in Scotland?

To be eligible for a free heat pump, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Receive specific benefits or tax credits.
  • Live in a rural Scottish postcode area.
  • Have a home eligible for wall insulation or room in roof insulation.
  • Be willing to upgrade your current heating source to an air source heat pump.
  • Your property’s energy rating (EPC) must be improved by two bands.

Claiming a Free Heat Pump Scotland

To claim your free heat pump, you must first check that you meet the scheme’s eligibility requirements. If you believe you are eligible, you can easily apply for your air source heat pump and installation by contacting us to start the process!

You could qualify for free insulation, free heat pumps or free solar panels

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