Taking Control of Your Heating: Free Grants from Eco Warmth Scotland

Scottish tenants and landlords could benefit from free grant funding

If you’re a tenant or landlord in Scotland, struggling to keep your heating bills under control during the cold winter months contact Eco Warmth Scotland. A central Perth-based company, we offer free grant funding for Scottish landlords for energy-efficient measures like solar panels, air source heat pumps, and insulation. By completing their simple quiz on www.ecowarmthscotland.co.uk, Scottish residents can identify areas of their home where they may be wasting energy, and find out how to reduce their costs. In this blog post, we explore the benefits of these measures and explain how they could help you stay warm without breaking the bank.

Free ECO 4 grant funding


The ECO 4 grant funding scheme is a government initiative designed to reduce energy use in homes with those on benefits or low income. Addtionally there is free grant funding for Scottish landlords. This can cover the costs of installing solar panels, air source heat pumps, wall and loft insulation free of charge. Not only will this save on heating bills moreover it will improve the value of your property and create a more comfortable living environment. Eco Warmth Scotland’s grant applications are submitted and moreover completed in just a few short steps.

Areas within Scotland that have particularly cold winters could vastly benefit from this free grant funding service. We work in Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh -known for their bitter winters with high snowfall. With Eco Warmth Scotland’s expertise and qualified professionals, they can help you reduce your energy bills and make your home energy efficient. Reduce your carbon emissions by transitioning to cleaner and more affordable energy sources through Eco Warmth Scotland.

Further rEco Warmth Scotland only employs qualified joiners, electricians and plumbers thereby ensuring that energy-efficient measures are installed correctly. This means you can be confident that the service you receive is safe and of high quality. Eco Warmth Scotland endeavour to ensure a reduction of Scotland’s high carbon footprint by using the Energy Company Obligation which provides free grant funding.

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Are you looking to save money on your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Or simply improve the comfort of your property? Eco Warmth Scotland’s free grant funding is a great option. By taking their simple quiz on www.ecowarmthscotland.co.uk, you can identify areas of your home that could benefit from energy-efficient measures. Why don’t you see how much you could potentially save. Don’t hesitate, in fact take control of your heating today! Visit Eco Warmth Scotland’s website to get started. WWW.OFGEM.

You could qualify for free insulation, free heat pumps or free solar panels

Stay warm and improve your property for FREE. eco warmth offers a range of government grant funded energy saving installations to upgrade rented and privately owned properties.


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Answer a few simple questions, and we'll give you an instant estimate of the saving you could expect to see from insulating your home.  We can even check what grant funding is available towards free cavity wall insulation, free loft insulation, free room-in-roof insulation or free floor insulation.