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Are you tired of paying high energy bills for an outdated and inefficient heating system? Look no further than electric storage heating. Not only does it offer significant energy savings but it also qualifies for free government grants under ECO 4. And if you’re a tenant or landlord, this heating system is perfect for you too. Let’s discover the benefits of electric storage heating and how Eco Warmth Scotland can help you make the switch.

Benefits of Electric Storage Heating
Electric storage heating is a clean and efficient way to heat your home. It stores heat during off-peak hours and releases it during peak hours, reducing your dependence on the grid during peak times. This means lower energy bills for you as well as a reduction in carbon emissions. Plus, the system is low maintenance and easy to install.

Energy Savings
Electric storage heating can save you up to 50% on your energy bills compared to traditional electric heating systems. This is because it relies on off-peak electricity rates, which are significantly cheaper. And with today’s energy prices on the rise, switching to electric storage heating can offer significant financial relief.

Clean Fuel
Electricity is a clean fuel, and electric storage heating takes advantage of this. By using off-peak electricity, it reduces your dependence on fossil fuels and helps to reduce your carbon footprint. This means you can do your part in helping to combat climate change.

ECO 4 Government Grants
The UK Government is committed to helping homeowners, landlords and tenants make the switch to energy-efficient heating systems. Under the ECO 4 scheme, you may be eligible for a grant to upgrade your heating system to electric storage heating. This can offer significant financial relief and make the switch to an efficient heating system even more accessible.

Towns and Areas of Scotland
Eco Warmth Scotland services towns and areas all across Scotland, including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Inverness, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Perth and more. No matter where you are, they can help you make the switch to electric storage heating and take advantage of the many benefits it offers.

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Electric storage heating offers significant energy savings, clean fuel, and reductions in energy bills and carbon emissions. And with government grants under ECO 4, it’s never been more accessible for Scottish tenants, landlords, and homeowners. So why wait? Make the switch to electric storage heating for free today with the help of Eco Warmth Scotland.

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